Of Bullying Men and Sour Women

A war has a certain number of prerequisites before it can be fought for the well being of the general public.  The first is preparation.  A nation must be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.  To this end, domestic policies should be devoted towards the maintenance of peace, sustainability and relative independence from other countries.  This means that the government must be protecting the general public from the ravages of the private elite and criminal classes, otherwise, the government is likely to fall prey to another country who’d take advantage of the nation’s weakened social state or fall victim to their own people (which, then, opens the door to foreign intervention and the relative loss of sovereignty).

Once a country is domestically powerful (and it must be so on a well practiced and practically automatic level), the government can then turn some of its attention to issues overseas.  We are all living on the same planet, after all, and we’re using the same resources, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, etc etc.  Therefore, it would behoove countries to basically get along with one another and cooperate rather than act as if the other is not there and work against each other in competition, especially when it comes down to these global problems which effect, or will effect, us all.

Wars, therefore, are best fought defensively and never offensively to conquer, take or exert unnatural influence over another group of people. 

With this in mind, we can look at the general process of fighting a truly effective war, which minimizes losses, is quick, decisive and puts the threatening power in check relative to its own people and to the world’s population as a whole.  If you’re fighting the war appropriately, you should be greeted as liberators and be able and willing to maintain the necessary courses of action to make you be so.  It’s more involved than paying lip service to public relations and it’s more substantial and effective than anything that public relations could cook up on its own.  This is because this version of warfare relies on working with the empirical world, regardless of the intensity and seeks to preserve a peaceful existence in which we’re all able to live together on this rock socially and without major incident. 

This is the only direction of warfare that is truly reliable and able to maintain itself, I think, after looking at the course of history.  All other forms of warfare are self-defeating because they negate the essential essence of the universe and each other.  Without seeing the other as being apart of yourself; without recognizing that what you do to the other effects you and, without knowledge, understanding or genuine compassion being felt towards the other that you’re interacting with, you will only do harm to that other and, thus, do harm to your own self in the long term (which becomes the short term in due time).

American generals don’t know how to fight wars.  Neither do their civilian “leaders.”  They don’t know what to fight, whom to fight or how to fight.  All they seem to know is to blast technologically weaker powers into submission by force without any care or concern for the conditions of those people, which then boils into the native, insurgent popular resistance that defeated us in Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, the works.  We can add to this by looking at the English experience around the world, especially with their next door neighbor, Ireland, or the French experience in Africa.  The concept of “empire over land, sea and air” is obsolete and never really worked too well for those who were too chimpish to resist going after such a venture.

Now, you can point to the so-called “liberals” and say that they’re going after the same courses of actions as the conservatives (ex. Somalia, Israel and the Balkans).  But even these “higher aim” missions (if they were really higher aim at all), were just as beset by bigotry, carelessness and, in these cases, fashionable charity-case making.  It disrespects a people’s ability to function on their own and to work themselves out in their own logic.  Could technical assistence be sent to places to help?  Absolutely, in my eyes.  But it has to be about the other and not your own missionary mission; it can’t be about making others be as you are, no matter how much you may like yourself and your cultural customs.  It’s disrespectful, tremendously presumptuous and, at the end of the day, you only end up with the whacked out people running the place who are neither organic or legitimate in the eyes of the general public of that given society.  In other words, you’re left with a bunch of poodles with make-up on them, trying to be alphas over a pack of wolves.  The wolves will more likely not accept them, pass harsh judgement on them and, perhaps, even work to kill or eliminate them from the society.  This has been the traditional case in history from Vietnam, to South Korea to South and Central America to Africa.  These are the results of experimenting with imperialism: nothing but wreck and ruin for both sides, the possibility of complete defeat of the imperialist by the rest of the world and little to no progress in spreading your values or ideals, no matter how nice and grand you may think they are.  As a matter of fact, imperialism or illegitimate militant humanitarianism may actually regress a society away from your wishes, desires and hopes, simply because they are less likely to look upon your culture, your values and your beliefs favorably as a result of your potentially unwanted actions.

To this date, the United States government has either been a mean, bullying and out of control male figure, or a sour, conniving and callously cruel woman, both of whom neglect their people who are behind at home and to all other people they share the planet with.  I mainly think this is because of the types of people that we hire on to run our government on a domestic as well as international level.  They’re proving toxic to our well being as individuals and our well being as a nation amongst others.  It’s time that we get both of these types out of power, out of office and sent to a new home in a mental institution where they won’t be able to cause real harm onto anyone again.

Soooo sick of this nonsense coming from those who want to neither serve the public at the most or serve themselves in the real sense on the smaller scale.


Think about it.


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