Of Conservative Chimps and Progressive Humans

Reading “The Crowd” by Gustave le Bon.  If I were to wager a guess, I would say that the roots of conservatism rest closer to the brain stem than the origins of progressivism.  Conservative’s appeal is universal amongst the species; their ability to communicate with the population unquestionably superior at this point.  They are the chimpish side of our humanity, the lesser evolved, barbarous past alive and well.

Submissive to authority, callous, cruel and tone deaf to kindness, benevolence and care, conservatives ultimately only respect and recognize size, strength and the brutish ability to beat the other into submission.  They have no morality, other than what they mimic.  It’s no wonder that so many people become conservatives when they’re older and are less able to process things, due to a lack of energy and neural plasticity.  That would explain how conservatives were always so able to lead and, because humanity has only tasted the “milk” from this nasty mother, it has become accustomed to it, so that the positive milk will seem weird, odd and foreign to the general public.  Any mistake on the progressives’ part, and the nurturing power of love will be spat out at them and the people will return to the bitter tit of the abusive, the cruel and the mean spirited.

It’s not enough to appeal to people’s higher thoughts or sentiments; they have none (especially when they’re clumped en masse).

I don’t know what I can do against this evil force which is as old as our primate selves.  This conservatism must be extinguished and placed in mental health care, not allowed to run rampant in our streets, worse, in our halls of power and consequence and replaced with a new brand of loving-abuse that actually heals, liberates and enables humans to live according to their own logic.

If you want to know which people hate freedom the most, simply look no further than a conservative.  These are the demons that live within us and live among us and these are the greatest hindrances to our freedom and our well being on THIS level of existence, the only level of existence that really matters.

I honestly don’t know what to do against these people of Gog and Magog; the cancerous brain type responsible for all wars, all human-created misery, all bigotry, and all non-adaptability to new knowledge.

How does one compete with those who are lower than the lowest common denominator and know how to influence everyone from the top down?

How does a general fight that which is in their own brain as well?

How does one counter that which is always going to be popular and be able to tug at our brains until EVOLUTION works itself out, if it ever does?

I’m sick of being a monkey and being run by monkeys.

Aren’t you?

Think about it.


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