Oh Death

Oh Death

I’m sorry, but death is just something that we’re going to be delaying.
Quite honestly, we need death around.  Without it, we’d have too many people on this planet.
Once again, a fashionista misses the point about the function and purpose of some of the less than happy aspects about this place.  I support stem cell research to cure illnesses, diseases and condtions that could be prevented.  However, removing death?That I could not get on board with, simply based on the fact that it is the rot of our ancestors which fuels the tree of life to grow deeper and further up.

Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of insanely small-selfish group of old people, fearing the inevitable that’s going to happen.  For even if we figure out a way to postpone our death ad infinitum, we’re still sitting on a planet that’s about to be consumed by our nearest star.  That’s just a scientific fact.
So, three cheers for death and dying!  It’s not the worst thing that can happen and, who knows, maybe you do get more than one crack at it.I’m just with the folks who’d say that that’s just a symptom of suffering on the end of those who are fearing death, and that the ultimate goal of this life and others is to move beyond this world onto the next, etc, etc, such that we’re eventually all out of suffering by virtue of our minds.  A pity that there are so many people who’d fear that alternative.

Silly brains.
Think about it.

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