Corrective vs. Radical Revolutions

While revolutions generally bring about changes, they are more effective as powerful tools to get a society back to its original purposes and foundations.  Gandhi appealed througout India, because he appealed to a traditional, homegrown and independent India as opposed to the relatively new British Raj.

Indeed, most of the great revolutions have generally equaled out and settled into an “old” way of doing business after a period of time, even after some of the most radical declatations are made at the beginning of the revolution.  France constantly reverted back and forth between an Emperor and a King until it finally settled on a strong President to govern, in accordance with the traditionally stronger French king.  Russia reverted back to its traditionally centralized system of government out of Moscow.  England returned to its loosely amalgomated bunch of localized elites.  Societies don’t move very far from where they started, even after the most tumultous revolutions and traumas have befallen their people.

It will be interesting to see what American society does to rally against those in government who are marching us towards a theocratic state Capitalistic dicatorship.  The American public does not seem to want a non-existent or inactive government in general, except for the oddball out conservatives and Libertarians.  They also seem to want a government that works in their interests, not in the interests of the private elite or the false corporate personhood.

A successful revolution in America will be a corrective one, not a radical one.  It will be a return to our originally stated founding principles that all people are ought to be equal under the law and have an equal opportunity to find their own way in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (not property).  The conservatives don’t know America, in spite of how many flags they fly or how many times they say the Pledge of Allegiance or how often they serve in our nation’s military services.  America is essentially a progressive and welcoming society.  Its diversity and acceptance of those who are different under a unified banner are one of its foundational strengths, not a weakness at all.  It’s in enabling people to have the opportunity to  succeed that you get the best results economically and socially on the empirical level, not throug hoarding all of the wealth within one end of society.  It’s time that we do away with these conservative notions of favoritism, exceptionalism, unsensed materialism and lack of moral fiber.  They speak of values and yet consistently show that they have none through their behavior with regards to the way they treat other people in society and the ways that they regard society and the environment in which they live.  They are a diseased brain type, deserving of treatment and care, but of no political power and no influence in our government without the acknowledgement of their condition and the appropriate treatment for whatever it is that is pathologically wrong with their brains.

They don’t evolve.

They don’t adapt.

They don’t change, even to save their own lives.

And they really don’t seem to care about you, me or anyone else for that matter who does not fit into their narrow definition of “self.”  Even then, they inappropriately handle affairs for that small self relative to the much larger social, environmental and cosmological self that is, in fact, out there.

Conservatism needs to be labeled as, studied and treated as a mental disorder; a primitive hold-over from a primate common ancestor that does more harm than good for its victims’ own sakes.  We need progressive values of truth, justice, love and care to be running our world and we need to have the flexibility and adaptability needed to survive in this constantly changing and ever dynamic world.  We cannot afford to play games with conservatives or to entertain their opinions as equal in value anymore.  It’s time that we get them into mental hospitals and psych wards for honest, genuine treatment and care for what appears to be a very serious and subtle pathological disorder within their brains.

And we need to do this all now, before we get hurt even more through our negative action on the environment and our society as a result of their policy choices and wishes.

Think about it.


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