Of Democrats and Dictatorships


There are two basic types of people out there: those who seek to enslave and exploit, and those who seek to liberate and enable.  It’s hard to tell the difference between the two, since they need to act in the same basic ways in order to get the crowd on their respective sides.  The enslaver can easily be construed as a liberator and the liberator can be construed as an enslaver, even in their own minds.

However, the consequences of their actions are polar opposites on the tangible and psychological levels of existence.  Enslaved, humanity weakens, is made angry and, eventually, attacks that which it perceives as being the enslaving power.  Liberated, humanity is enabled to feel whatever emotion or sentiment that may strike their collective mind (which could, incidentally, be anger as well).  The difference comes in how the leadership, the source of the enslavement or the liberation handles that common anger; do they force and push themselves over the society, and thus, lead to their own  eventual overthrow, or do they step back, reassess, and change course in a way that the crowd’s interests are satisfied in addition to their own preserving a deeper level of interest for the leadership group in question?

That, and only that, is the difference between a democratic state (where the leadership responds positively to the expressed needs of the collective and individual society) and an autocracy (where the sentiments of the crowd is ignored entirely or deemed irrelevantly incorrect by the leadership of that given society).

All needs and complaints of humanity are relevant to the leadership.  The difference between the dictator and the democrat is that the former forces while the latter reassesses, re-prioritizes and takes the crowd’s or an alternative third option.  It’s the difference between having communication, responsiveness and care for the other (true democracy) and not (dictatorship).  Democracy will have many forms throughout the world.  But in the end, these principles seem to be universal throughout all of humanity; the dictators die off or are overthrown and the democracies and responsive and caring governments survive.  Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back.



Everyone who’s holding power at the moment.

It’s just a question of your state of brain, as to whether you go one way or the other.

And, I’m sad to say that the dictatorships and dictators of the world are the pathological ones who need care, treatment and defacto, democratic exclusion from the realm of governing.

Think about it.


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