An Open Letter

Dear Democrats, President Obama and the Esteemed Republican Party,

If you’d ask for my candid advice, I’d say that you’re all playing an incredibly dangerous game with your own lives as well as with the lives of all other Americans and peoples throughout human society.  I think that you have been duped and deceived into either a false ideology and sense of the world around you, or have been cowed, more or less, into submission, at the behest of a group of private persons who don’t honestly seem to know what their own interests are in the grand scheme of their own society, humanity as a whole, the economy, the environment and the universe itself.  I think that some of you, at the very least, are apt and capable leaders for this country, yet I am going to address this to all of you for the sake of inclusivity and comprehension for all.

What are whispers to you now, will always grow into incredible cacophony later, if the sentiments they’re expressing are felt throughout the social organism of humanity.  I think that if you were to, each and all, continue to build up the infrastructure of fossil fuels, give deferential support to bankers and corporate executives from any field, work against the protection of civil liberties and civil rights for ALL Americans and pursue a callous brand of foreign politics that disregards the rights and needs of the people from other nations and societies, in exchange for a seat in the halls of Congress or the Oval Office, that you’ll all run the risk of being thrown out of office, either through electoral defeats, or through violent revolution.

Yes, it is true that the public may be divided in your mind (although increasingly, it seems, that this is becoming less and less the case as of late).  We will have continued factionalism and other political problems that will prevent us from solving our technical and tangible problems.  However, I very much doubt that, if you were all to continue on this conservative course of action, that you’ll be invited to stick around for this show after the violence and nastiness has subsided.

Your first objectives, if you’d like to listen and get out of this mess, is to get money out of politics and to throw yourselves at the mercy of the people of these United States directly.  I think that we’re a forgiving bunch and will be grateful to have genuine allies on our side to help us against the bankers and corporate individuals who think that they’re getting such a grand bargain out of the extraction of wealth from our society, the destruction of our environment and the corruption of our political processes to their own small-“self” ends.  This may take the shape of the President coming out openly against Congress, as Theodore Roosevelt once did during the Gilded Age to bring in the Progressive Era.  Or, it’s going to take a concerted efforts by one or both of the Parties to bring about the ending of cash for policy that’s proving so detrimental to your own seats in the long term (which, btw, becomes the short term).

These conservatives, who can rattle off a ton of stories from history, fail to appreciate or accept the lessons of history.  They know the story of little Jimmy Johnson, Susie Que Beans and Billy Mason who touched the electric fence and died, but seem unable and unwilling to resist touching the electric fence themselves, in the grand scheme of things.

Conservatism doesn’t work for those who operate in government unless they adopt a Progressive’s logic and attitude towards governing.  You’ve got to adapt, you’ve got to look after your general public and you’ve got to level the private elites for their own sakes and their own benefits.  Otherwise, you all get killed, private elites, Congresspeople, Presidents, everybody.  The whole thing gets wiped out in a blink of the eye, even though it was building for soooo many years and in sooooo many places and soooooo many cases.  It’s truly painful to watch how a bunch of 30-90 year old men and women can’t seem to pull their heads out of their asses to see this whole thing coming and to act accordingly in order to mitigate it.  America has a long history of putting up with crap for so long, until it reaches a tipping point and the whole thing cascades into its new place.

Just look at what happened when we (finally) settled the concept that you can’t legally own another human being.  Look at what happened when we decided, as a society, that we aren’t going to continue to accept the mistreatment and deprivation of rights to others who don’t look or act like the white power elite.  Conservatism has never stood the test of time in America.  That is one of the legacies that has stood the test of time in America.  That is how we’re so dynamic, independent and self-capable, unlike many other countries, who don’t have this kind of flexibility, diversity and peacefully resolvable conflict.  Countries like Russia and China may need whole revolutions to bring about the changes that they need.  Yet we can simply have an election, and flip the whole bleeding country on its own head!

So consider your moves carefully, gentlemen and ladies.  I’m perfectly willing and capable of helping all of you out, if you’d have the sense to take me.  But, I honestly don’t think that you do have the sense or the will to take me.  And so, you’ll be left without me, and you’ll be left wanting of me.

It’s that simple.

Think about it.


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