On Ignorance

One of the biggest, if not the biggest demons in the world, is ignorance.

Ignorance is subtle, because anyone can have it without realizing or being cognizant of it.

Without ignorance, we would be able to perceive the uselessness in being coyingly attached to things in this world and would perceive their impermanent totality along with our own impermanent totality without any problems or fear.  Thus we’d solve the poison of attachment in our individual and collective minds.  It is true that ignorance is fed by attachment at times, such that people cling to one false idea or conception or belief while willfully disregarding the actual, factual truths of the world that is around them.  However, by curing ignorance, one is able to cure attachment by realizing that there is nothing to hold on to, really and being ok with that fact about this place.

Without ignorance, we would perceive all other living beings as akin to ourselves, even if they are of another species or from another planet.  Thus, we would dissolve hatred and lack of care and consideration for the other, if we were not ignorant to begin with about our actual nature and our true self.  It may be true that hatred and lack of care cause ignorance through a kind of disregard for the other.  But in the end, I think that the root of hatred is ignorance of the ultimate self.

That’s just my opinion on the matter though.


Maintaining ignorance for whatever reason or justification is only a hinderance for yourself and for all others who are around you.  There is nothing frightening in the discoverable, empirical and actual truths of the universe that are around you.  They have been around since all time and will, likely, be around in all times after this current present age.  It is the lies, the falsehoods, the corruption in our own brains that have to be extinguished; empirical truth is the only antidote, and that truth may be something that’s far more amazing and fantastic than anything we could have conceived using the mere “power” of our hallucinatory minds.  Not only is science and what’s empirically true often more amazing than what is imaginary, it is also more useful a tool for making sense of, producing patterns in and navigating the world that is around you.  Any child can draw a map of a harbor for you.  But, in order to sail around those rocks accurately and navigate those channels and currents, you must have a scientifically accurate map of what is actually there in and around the harbor, as it changes day by day, week by week, year by year and century by century.

The same holds true for politics and governance.  Without an accurate map of the society as it relates to economy, environment, social movement and occupation, infrastructure, technology, strategy and fertility, etc, you will not produce a viable society that will stand the test of time and you will fail at conceiving and making policy for your own sake and benefit, as a policy maker, as well as for everyone elses’ sake and benefit as people living in society.

A civilization is the mindset of the people; their collective psychology.  This much is not necessarily dependent upon the government, but rather that which gives birth to their governments.  However, the function and quality of their lives are dependent upon the structure and function of the government, both domestically and internationally.  Government is, after all, what prevents the bullies from taking too much of that which everyone produces, is that which protects the environment and the material quality of life for its people and that which ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness, according to their own rights, so long as they do not harm the other that is living in that society, national or international.

It is time that we rid ourselves of the sniveling conservative mass, who has traded effective rights and freedoms for the sake of a chance at being a bazillionaire at everyone else’s expense.  It is time that we do away with the childish notions that we all need to be so fantastically rich that we can’t spend all of our money in our lifetime.  Such a vision of the world has led us to the places where we’re in now, and those ideas and peoples need to be abandoned and gotten into psychiatric care, respectively.

The conservative mind is a diseased mind, unhindered by the necessary pull of reality and facts.  It is time that we retire such persons and such conceptions of the world, so that we all, conservatives included, can live a peaceful, happy and generally good quality life together on this planet.

I’m not for killing, only for correcting and teaching.

Straight jackets, not zip-ties, medical centers, not firing squads.

These are sick people that we’re dealing with.

And they must be treated as such.

Think about it.


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