The Value of Education (and How Conservatism Trashes It)

Education within a country is what sets the tone for future societies.  It is not the absolute, as there are many other factors, including home life, natural culture, media exposure, etc, that will influence the development of young people into citizens or slaves within their respective society.

The current educational system in the United States is absolutely appalling.  It is strictly academic, does little to nothing to prepare students for the lives that could be and are, actually, ahead of them, teaches strictly to a series of tests, separates and segregates people from different communities and different walks of life and then penalizes the students and the teachers themselves for poor performance, rather than helping them catch up.  The curricula seems to have been designed by testing companies and lazy teacher’s unions (not the teachers themselves) with elite cooperation and collusion to keep the public dumbed down and unable to function in the higher realm while imposing a false view of the world on those who already have and are tipped to “lead” the world in the future.  It is an anathema to a truly democratic society and prohibitive of a truly democratic system of governance.

While the public may be increasingly being dumbed down, this poor quality of education does not, in fact, make a people more submissive and more docile.  In fact, it has the potential of making them more inclined to violence and other raw democratic actions that are contrary to the survival interests of the existing system.  Collectively, I don’t believe the society becomes any more or less pliable with a lack of education.  However, I know that it does mean that people aren’t going to look to civil participation to get their needs and wants addressed (particularly, as it turns out, their civil actions don’t get them very far in achieving those needs and wants anyway).

Therefore, a progressive, relevant and adaptable educational system for EVERYONE is in the interests of both the progressives in advancing the well being of society as well as to the conservatives in preserving and maintaining the existing order of society.  Change is going to happen as we learn new things about ourselves and the environment around us.  It will happen in many other ways as well, independent of any other factors that we could be able to control!  Impermanence is the only permanence in this world, and I know that conservatives aren’t able to handle that simple fact about this place.

However, if they wish to preserve the species and preserve our abilities to be well (which is arguably the only fitting definition of conservatism that we have available), than they must adopt the progressive attitude and the progressive stance towards society, the environment, the economy and our educational system.  By attempting to freeze the frame permanently, you jam the projector of life and end up destroying yourself and the slide you were attempting to preserve.  The universe in the most general sense will continue on regardless, even if everything in the specifics is lost to time.  There is nothing new to this fact; it always has been and always technically will be in the future.  That is my one nugget of comfort to the conservatives among us: there is permanence in impermanence.  Other than that, I’d say conservatism is just a mal-adapted brain type for living in the empirical world, as evidenced by this pathological fear of change and difference in addition to their other anti-social, small “self” serving mannerisms that are contrary to serving their larger, actual self.

Therefore, we NEED to change our educational system as soon as possible, in order to both best serve our society, our economy and our children in their future lives.  We do a tremendous disservice to ourselves when we drum them into non-relevant and non-sensical industrial-style McEducation and fail to prepare them for practical (not academic) life.  We need to let kids develop as kids first, and then help them experience many different vocations and lifestyles, such that when they arrive at the term of their formal educational life, they are able to navigate the world and find their own definition of happiness with as much ease as they can have.

Conservatism and conservative education does not liberate or free an individual to do what he/she wants to do.  Such a thing would be anti-thetical to conservative sentiments, as to have things be so open and free would immediately trigger crippling anxiety and fear amongst the conservative ranks.  Therefore, conservatives attempt to lock down society through their actions and to lock up the economy under their own personal aegis, because they feel that that is a way to prevent things from actually changing and shifting.  However, as history has shown, impermanence is the name of the game of this universe and there are some social forces that are beyond control that have to be accepted and worked with on their own terms. 

Humanity, I think, is ultimately a progressive species.  It is only the oddballs among us who are conservative and are unable to cope with the dynamics and diversity of our universe and species.  The conservatives are the few who will not cope with the changing reality and are too anti-social for healthy living amongst the rest of us because of their own anxiety and fear problems.  They are the great hinderances to freedom and well being; the cancers that leech life out of the body of society to feed their own perceived needs.  They are the ones who start wars when there are none to be had, they are the ones who cause the divisions within our society that has had each other at our throats.  They are, without much of a doubt on my end, the demons who are said to live among us, regardless of your race, religion, ethnicity or cultural background.  It is merely a pathological brain type that hasn’t been treated as a pathological brain type. Cruel, violent, mean, bitter, nasty, short-sighted and small-hearted, the conservative does not constitute a full and mentally capable human being, in my own book, due to their lack of social skills and their inability to adapt to changing circumstances.  They lack coherent and consistent values, in practice and in theory, and show little to no inclination to having a moral compass, in spite of surface shows of piety and morality.  All of this is evidenced in their behavior in speech and action, and it’s all caustic for our well being and survival, as a species, and for their well being and survival as a species.  They are, in short, a danger to themselves and a danger to others.  I think it’s time that we started treating them as such, and begin HELPING them recover from what appears to be a very nasty mental illness or a permanent condition of their brains.

It should be noted that we all share similar veins of conservatism along with ignorance and other negative personality and behavioral traits.  However, some have it worse than others.  These just happen to call themselves “conservatives” in this country and in others.  If we wish to heal the species, we must heal those who are worst off, or abandon them entirely to save those who we can save.  Such is the choice that we’re all faced with.  And yet, we don’t choose.  We just act.

Think about it.


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