America’s Bed

The trouble with the Ukrainian situation, is that neither side has a real honest interest in being honest.

Russia may very well take the Crimean peninsula in light of the defiance of the Ukrainian people in Western Ukraine and has an interest in keeping up his end of the narrative to make his actions “look” legitimate.

Then, you’ve got this massive anti-Russian media blitz happening against an, albeit, imperfectly formed, yet reasonable strategy by the Russians at maintaining their national security.  The West paints the situation as a grab by a ruthless dictator, and Vlad is saying that it’s in the defensive interests of the Russian people.

I hate to say it, but Vlad’s side is more correct from the standpoint of Russian defense, even though he’s going about it in an incredibly haphazard and messy fashion.

What this will show to the world, is that the Age of the American Empire, the hegemony of the United States, that is, is at an end.  We were brought here by the neo-conservative response to September 11th and all of the other stuff we’ve done abroad since, arguably, the foundation of our anti-social little republic.

Indian wars, invasions of Mexican territory, conquest of Hawaiian and Spanish territory and the fact that we were the only major military power left relatively unharmed as a result of WWII.

It’s all adding up, don’t you see.

All these little mistakes, these anti-social stances, these behaviors, these patterns of aggression and expansionism and then, the conservatism and willful ignorance to say that “we’re not at fault” for what is happening to us.

It’s all adding up!

And we’re going to START paying the price for our country’s leadership’s decisions from these past two-hundred and thirty odd years.

It all adds up.

And the American people are too bamboozled and angry to do anything constructive to fix it, mainly again, thanks to the choices of the elites on both sides of the political spectrum, and ALL thanks to the conservative attitudes and behavior patterns that pervade ALL elite groups.




And undignified as human beings.

The people who lead us are less than human beings.

And those who support them are in the same vein as those whom they pledge allegiance to.

Enjoy your bed, America!

You’ve made it.

Sleep in it!

And, THINK about it.



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