The Learning Curve

Slowly but surely, humanity learns through repeated mistakes to, hopefully, become a more attentive, responsive and empirically grounded species.  At any rate, those who live in the dream world produced by their own brains are more likely to produce less than viable offspring while those who are solidly rooted in reality are more likely to produce offspring who can survive and be well in this constantly shifting and dynamic environment.

Much like how we train our brains to become more resilient and more compassion, we collectively and individually as humans become more fit to live on this planet and in this universe with these fantastically powerful and incredibly hazardous brains of ours, that are able to produce fantastic machines that make our lives easier and figure out the nature and function of our universe, while being completely unable (and, sometimes, unwilling) to make the right choices to ensure their hosts’ own survival and well being on this planet, in this environment, in this universe both for the individual and the individual relative to the rest of human society.

I don’t know whether we’re going to be ok as a species.  I really don’t.

It all depends on the choices that we’re each and all going to make from now, until the end of time and beyond.

Doesn’t get any easier from here.

And it’s likely to be harder, all the same.

Think about it.


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