My concern is that Democrats are going to be complacent and not use this opportunity to take advantage of the angst and anger that exists against conservatives, Republicans and the elite “interests” whom they represent and exclusively advocate for.  Where is the Party of the Left that will rise against the conservative machine?

It is when people don’t feel like they have representation that they’re more inclined to take extra-legal methods to get what they need done.  Combine this with the fact that food prices keep going up with climate change while wages and government support for the hungry goes down.

Let’s be honest, conservatism only means freedom for the elite.  They don’t want to be burdened with the weight of the rest of society, and they’re too greedy to let their employees have a greater share of the profits of their labor.  Thus, we’re all locked into a cycle of debt, financial burden and misery while they live fat on the cream AND milk that we’ve worked to produce.

Because the Democrats really haven’t been doing much to tackle our social and economic ills, and seem disinclined to LISTEN to those who bring these critiques to the forefront, we’re left without a legitimate and responsive government in the United States.  Personally, I’d like to help the Democrats, as I see them as being the best chance for our success.  However, they have to LET me help them and be prepared to let go of a lot of their beliefs about politics, social interaction and governing technique.

In the end, governing is about being responsive, respectful and genuinely benevolent towards the other, that is society.  Active listening, collaboration and following through with what the OTHER needs, are the keys to good governance.  Talking and working over, plus doing whatever YOU want is what leads to dysfunction, chaos and negative consequences for those who sit in government.

A shame that no one seems to be paying attention to these simple facts about human society, and the relationship between government and society.

Think about it.


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