The Demons Among Us


The Demons Among Us

What offends me about conservatism, is its ideological commitment to a lack of governmental presence.

True, there is such a thing as too much or inappropriate government, they won’t get that argument from me.

However, the whole concept that the government should sit idly by while our economy gets ransacked by a few businesspeople, simply will not jibe well with me.  Profiteering in the degree that it’s being allowed at present is both negatively effective for the economy and negatively effective for those who are receiving the purely monetary profits.

The whole notion that government should sit idly by while our environment, our economy, our people are decimated for the sake of a few “individuals” who have no conception of anything greater than their own petty, small “selves”, is absolutely foreign to me, and absolutely self-destructive to the social and political entities of our society.

I am a liberal for a responsive and responsible state; one that is appropriately sized to solve problems in our society while using the non-governmental tools that are out there in order to solve these problems.  I’m interested in empirical policy-making techniques that actually make things work and get things done.  I am not in favor of a “nanny” state, and I’m not in favor of a lazy-faire state either.

Instead, I am interested in producing a government where all members of society have an equal opportunity to seek out their happiness, so long as that happiness does not do ACTUAL harm onto other people.  I am interested in producing a government where all of its members cooperate and collaborate to make life on this planet a physically and psychologically better place to live.  How DARE conservatives work to undo that kind of help, simply for the sake of an ideology that doesn’t work for them, or for us, a pathological fear of change and difference, and/or a false notion that things cannot be changed for the better through careful diagnostics and even more careful and carefully considered operations.

Yet, this is what conservatives do, on a defacto level.  They fear change.  They fear difference.  They fear anything that MIGHT slightly inconvenience them personally to significantly improve the life and well being of another.  And they have no faith in the prospect of a better tomorrow, and no morals or values to really fall back on, in spite of their rabid preaching and talking.  Actions speak louder than the amount of times you pledge allegiance to the American flag, or how well you’ve memorized the Bible.  And, when push has come to shove, time and time again, conservatives have shown that they’re only capable of destroying the United States and blatantly failing in basic human values, let alone, in achieving their “highest” of Christian moral virtues.

They’re failures as human beings.

I don’t even know if they are human beings.

And I’m sick of them being taken seriously by the people in our societies, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or culture.

It’s time that we end this scourge from within our species.

The Devil has, indeed, always been walking on Earth with his followers.

And they’ve always been the conservatives in our society, who memorize, yet don’t comprehend, who live in fantastical ideological worlds and not in the real one, and who have no apparent care or concern with how they effect other people through their policy actions and policy choices.

Down with the tyrant scourge!

And put them in the psych wards where they belong.

Think about it.


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