Market Socialism and The Role of Democracy

Market Socialism and The Role of Democracy

It’s not perfectly elegant.

There’s also the Mixed Economic System to be considered (one that worked reasonably well in Yugoslavia).

I’d still rather have something that conforms to natural laws, as they’re discovered, and is responsive and flexible enough to meet changing conditions and needs, such that the SOCIETY and its INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS live as best as they honestly can with what is to be had at present, with a mind towards future productivity.

But, it’s a good start to the theory work in the field of economics, if not to the practical work itself.

I’d like to remove the “S” word and avoid the “C” word to make it more palatable for the American citizen.  However, this wholly “individualistic” approach to society and to our economy is going to kill us all, environmentally and/or socially, if the members of our governments do not make alterations immediately to their attitudes, actions, perceptions and beliefs about what is and how things inter-relate with another.

But, it’s a start, and a way to frame things at least from the get-go, so that people can be led to the final conclusion of where things ought to be for optimal function and optimal well being (not necessarily, maximum financial or material profits).

As for democracy: it will still be a viable force, so long as humans are in communication with one another and are able to experience empathy and concern for the other.  All governments, authoritarian and Democracies, are susceptible to democratic influences and forces from within their society, stemming from the perceived needs, conditions and situations.  Honest, untampered with and inclusive elections simply create a channel through which these forces can act upon the government and its members, without creating violence, revolution and other highly destabilizing actions.  If you’re not good for government, you simply lose your seat and not your life and/or well being.  No harm, no foul.

Therefore, the only changes that would be put forward to our system would be a de-emphasis on profit maximization in the field of economic policy making and a focus on figuring out what is and how to achieve maximum well being within the population, based on their emotional, psychological, cultural and physical needs.  All of this, done under the auspices of careful scientific research of societies and the social, psychological, physical, economic, environmental, cosmological and political dynamics that occur within them and done ONLY for the sake, benefit and interest of the subject society.  That is the only viable self-interest that a politician or a statesperson can have, if they wish to keep their seats legitimately and with authority behind them (at least, coming from an American perspective.  It may be different elsewhere).

Think about it.


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