Patterns of History

In the 1980’s, the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan after a very long, drawn out and pricey invasion and occupation.  Crippled by the economic, social and military costs of the war, the Soviets were unable to compete with the hyper-aggressive American Empire under then President Ronald Reagan and H.W. Bush.  These issues, combined with the ineffectiveness of the centrally-planned, state owned economic model that the Soviets were using, led to the easy toppling of the Soviet Union, first in its satellite states, and later in the metropole itself.  The Soviet Union imploded thanks to its own silly policy decisions vis a vis the economy and its expensive and poorly conceived foreign meddling.  Reagan and Bush were just present to open the door for the staggering Soviet Empire.

Now, here we are in 2014, the American Empire exhausted after not one, but TWO even MORE expensive invasions and occupations WITH the fact that we have cut taxes during this period of increased combativeness and foreign meddling AND the fact that we’ve allowed our manufacturing base to go overseas.  Russia is now governed by the more aggressive Vladimir Putin, and China is just waiting in the wings, as it were, to end the era of the American global hegemony.  All of this, btw, thanks to conservative policies and conservative ways of thinking and feeling about the economy, the individual, the society, the environment and foreign affairs.  And now, what makes us think that our current elite structures aren’t simply going to be “poofed” out of existence, thanks to the decisions and tactical maneuverings of people like Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping?  What makes the American Empire think that it won’t be wiped out of existence, like all the other empires of the past, thanks to its elites own boobery, stupidity and unsensed conservative ways of thinking and feeling?

It’s time to adapt, America.

Time to wake up from the stupor that the individual is the pinnacle of society, and that all other aspects of society should bow to that individual (or should I say, those particular individuals who happen to be on top)?

The individual is not served in this fashion on the practical levels, in spite of the “benefits” that they realize.  Neither is the society or the environment that the individual depends upon for well being and survival.  It is merely a pathological condition of the brain to think that it works otherwise, in the economy, the society and the environment.

It’s time that we get these folks who can’t or won’t understand this into mental healthcare for their own sake and benefit, lest we ALL get killed for what is only a handful of people avoiding a perceived inconvenience.

Think about it.


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