The Death of Humanity and Our Way of Being

The Death of Humanity and Our Way of Being

And it will be an uphill struggle to get this fixed, as we face the seemingly insurmountable mass of human greed and ignorance.

Perhaps this is meant to be the end of our species, as we know it, since we seem incapable and/or unwilling to control the individual demons within our society, on high and on low, such that their damaged and/or dysfunctional brains don’t do us any more harm, or do them anymore harm, on the grand scheme of things.

It was a fine run.

The universe learned a lot about itself while we were around.

But, all things must come to an end, and so too will come the end of humanity mainly because, of our own stupidity and ignorance.

All for a little extra money, a few extra costs “saved”, a little “difference” avoided, and the loss of some technological “gains” that we probably shouldn’t have undertaken anyway.

Such silliness.

Think about it


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