Progressive America, Against Conservatism and Ideology!


The clash of civilization will happen on our front door step, between conservatives and Libertarians and the rest of the American population.

America was founded as a progressive nation.  It stands as a progressive nation.  And, I think, it will honestly continue as a progressive nation, because this former set of colonies and its people are progressive, and united, absolutely, as one nation, together, under this principle: E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one.  Americans DEMAND a Progressive country, time and time again, where the individual is allowed to live free and able to act publicly and privately without causing real and actual harm to the others who live in society WITH them.  We DEMAND a RESPONSIVE, PRACTICAL and DEMOCRATICALLY ACCOUNTABLE government, composed OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.  We DEMAND a government that puts DOWN the private interests of the pseudo-corporate persons, in favor of the largest social good that can be conceived amongst ALL people and peoples living as citizens and non-citizens within our borders.  And the American people DEMAND a government, that is adaptable to their needs, their wants and conditions, such that ALL are SERVED under government, not ruled over or lorded upon.

I testify, upon my life and my honor, that THIS IS the general blueprint and basic logic that made THIS country great, WILL make this country great again, and can, indeed, potentially make all other country’s and societies great, according to their own cultural logic and their own historical and present condition and desires.  It is Progressivism, benevolence, science and teamwork that will get us out of these messes and all other messes, not elitism, conservatism, inflexibility, ideological inclination and excessively emphasized “individualism” that comes at the price of the individual.

Let the “individualists” and the conservatives skulk off to their own corner.  Let them make a Hell on Earth out of their people and their environment; all for the sake of their particular “Christian” god and their real cult of Capitalism and the delusional image of the small “self”.  They neither have morals nor values, and their degenerate behavior will be the cause of our death, along with their own death, as a result of their ignorance and unwillingness to adapt to the situations that confront them.  They’ve shown this time and time again in the course of their actions, words and behaviors.  That’s just HOW their brains work!  And that’s how I know that they need to be diagnosed and put into mental health care for what they have, for their own sakes, as well as for all of our sakes.

The only thing that’s permanent in this place is impermanence.

And that’s just the way that it’s going to be, regardless of what you do, think, feel or believe.

Think about it.


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