The Sickness


So, we’re able to list hoarding as a mental health condition that requires therapy and treatment. However, we don’t include the self-destructive and dangerous political philosophies of conservatives and general ideologues; conditions which actually do physical harm onto other people, as well as onto the conservatives themselves through doing harm onto others?

We let these people, who have no moral regard for their fellow living being, let alone, their fellow human being, simply walk about among us?  We let these people into office, where they trash the society they were elected to preserve, and we DON’T think that conservatism: the ideology of the small hearted and the small minded, ISN’T a kind of mental illness?

At the very least, what of political extremism or ideological inclinations?

There may not be a pill for these kinds of social disorders.  But they are disorders, I think, in the strictest of senses, because of the extent that people go to personally satisfy those ideological needs and bents, at the expense of their physical, psychological, social and environmental health.

Conservatism is a disease in a society.  It is a sign that the society is going to collapse, in spite of their efforts to keep everything the same.  And, those who exhibit conservative behaviors, tendencies and ideologies are the mentally ill; the delusional, the sick, the overly rationalized and the disconnected with reality who need help above all things, not to be listened to or allowed into power.

Think about it.


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