Chinese Dragon, Russian Bear, American Weakling

Chinese Dragon, Russian Bear, American Weakling

If China were to make a strike for the South China Sea, now would be the moment.

The US is preoccupied squabbling with Russia over the Crimea (which will, most likely, transition more or less democratically to Russia, regardless of the posturing that the US and the West does).  Ukraine failed to condemn the conservatives and to win over the Russian population in a convincing enough manner.  National pride, I would argue, will cost them Crimea.

But that’s beside the point now.

The US is stretched thin, is weak domestically in morale, economy and environment.  Thanks to the conservatives, and their foreign and domestic policies, we’ve stripped our society and our people of their vitality for the sake of a handful of private interests.  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem terribly concerned about this situation, other than seeming very confused as to how to handle things or, more properly put, how to prioritize and go after things appropriately.  Thanks to two unnecessary and overpriced wars, tax cuts before, during and after the war, the severance of aid to produce a quality educational system, the NSA spying on other country’s leaders, citizens and our own citizens, the failure to hold ourselves to our own standards, our bailout to our banks, rather than to our people and businesses, our continued reliance on neoclassical and neoliberal economic ideology and valuation and our leaders’ blindness towards the environment and the well being of the general public and our military, combined, have left us weak.  All of these, for the record, were initiated and prioritized by Republicans and conservative members from both sides of the aisle.  No one’s hands are clean in the production of these affairs, except for the groups who are on the outside, excluding the conservatives and Libertarians who would have gone alone with these self-destructive policies anyway.

Because America is weak at home and abroad, this leaves us open for the Chinese and Russian vultures to pick on us and our allies.  If we cannot protect Ukraine, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc, from incursions, then why should they continue to be our allies?  After all, America has been so unreasonable and tone deaf to the rest of the world for the past several centuries, that there is no reason why or how these people (not just the governments) should support us, which leaves us more open to assault and problems as people become pliable and willing to submit to a new global hegemon who will, if they are acting in their self interests, will be less interested in bossing people around and forcing negatively effective policies on them for the sake of personal ideology and private interests.

Indeed, this is the death knell for the current American Empire.  And, for the record, it’s all for the sake of the private elites and the conservative ideologues that this has happened and is happening in the present.  It’s their poor policies, their negative attitudes, their wrong perspectives and their refusal to LOOK and ACT upon what is actually there and how things actually works, that has brought us to this level, where we can’t defend people from more ambitious powers while coming off smelling fresh TO everyone, not just to ourselves.

We’re going to lose this war, if we do chose to fight it.

Better to withdraw to the metropole and repair ourselves, domestically and internationally, if we’re going to succeed in the long term.

Stupid conservatives!

Democrats and Republicans alike!

Freaking idiots!


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