Not a Wise Investment

Not a Wise Investment

I say again, that oil, natural gas and fossil fuels probably isn’t a wise investment to be making at the moment, and that the government should be taking most of the profits from the fossil fuel industries and plugging into converting and updating our energy infrastructure to eliminate fossil fuels entirely from our energy regimen.

We can’t continue to pretend that climate change isn’t happening and that we shouldn’t adapt to the conditions as they’re presenting to the rest of us.  We can either choose to adapt, or we can die.

Unfortunately, it’s up to the decisions of the elites, private and public, to make these choices, and I honestly don’t believe they have the sense to be able to carry out such a transition, let alone, see the value in carrying out the transition in the firs place.

The sad part is that I honestly think that I can do this sooner than later, with more preparation and experience.  It begins with shifting our intelligence gathering focus from the general public to those who could easily cause us problems as we pursue these courses of action.  Once we get the problem people under lock down, we can move forward with the campaign to get these changes done democratically and with the support of the people.  The first move there, is to effectively demonize and ostracize the conservatives and Libertarians from the rest of society and be prepared to have secession occur as a result of these proactive moves from government to save ourselves, our environment and our whole planet from certain annihilation and death.  All this must be done now!

Or else there won’t be a future for humanity as we know it.

A shame, for such a species as us to be killed off by those with untreated and undiagnosed pathological problems in their brains.

Think about it.


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