The [Real] Facts

We’re governed by a group of non-adaptive, non-responsive, anti-democratic and generally clueless, senseless and/or ballsless group of imitators and pretend leaders.  They are either incompetent and stupid at the best, malevolent and callously self-destructive at worst.

We’re not going to survive if we don’t start getting our individual and collective acts together.  We will not survive, so long as we let private interests, conservatives and ideologues govern our world and make decisions which impact us all.  We need leaders who care, are concerned, are willing and able to see ways to effectively help and are bold enough to help over the complaints and concerns of the private elite who’d destroy us all for the sake of a little extra profit or a little extra prestige and relative power for their own small selves.

We are going to self-eliminate as a species, if we continue to allow these brain types to govern our private and public spaces.  There is no room for compromise when it comes to walking between survival and death.  It appears that this is precisely what Barack Obama, the Democrats in Congress and the Republicans seem to be attempting to do, with the apparent blessing and encouragement of the 1%, 0.1% and 0.01%.  There appears to be a disagreement as to what’s to be specifically done at the finer points only.  However, the general questions which will lead to either our actual salvation or death remain answered in such a way as would cause our individual and collective death.  There is no official person or Party in the United States and elsewhere that will stand up to the private elites in a meaningful and effective manner; no official opposition to the Capitalists and the Cult of Money.

This is their biggest danger, because without this natural check, they will either be seriously surprised to find opposition growing out of the unofficial corners of society.  Even if that should fail (and it’s very likely to fail, in the grand scheme of things), the environment will consume us all and leave only the survivors behind to make their imperfect way forward in the wreck and debris of the current incarnation of our civilizations.

The human essence of all of our civilizations will likely live on.  The question is what will be left, and what shall grow up in the place of this sudden loss of information, knowledge, and lifestyles?  Ironic that it is the conservatives who bring the most amount of unnecessary and avoidable change to our world through their clinging to an imagined vision of how the world was.  No productivity for the future, no thought, concern or sense for the present, and only a hallucinated and cherry-picked image of the past to focus on.  A sad bunch of people, and a sadder set of leaders from any party or faction.  Best to find out what is neurologically distinctive about these people and to get them checked into psychiatric care, in spite of being otherwise functional.  They are neither fit for governing, nor are they fit for holding real responsibility, power and influence in any of our worlds.

And, it is all thanks to their brains that they behave in this fashion.

Think about it.


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