Middle Ground in Ukraine

Middle Ground in Ukraine

And then there’s this sticky issue, which isn’t widely being discussed in Europe or the United States.

How does one justify making political changes if those changes come at the cost of people’s jobs, lives and liveliehoods?

The Americans seem to think that you can eat freedom in place of actual food, at least, judging by how they’re handling this situation in Ukraine.

I don’t blame the Russians in Eastern Ukraine or the Crimea for being skeptical of the Ukrainian government in Kiev or integration with Western Europe.  They don’t seem to have done much to ease and integrate with the Russians, which would logically, put another people on edge.  Quite honestly, it’s going to take both the EU and Russia to make Ukraine a success.  They need to from some kind of multi-party integration strategy, such that all three partners benefit rather than having everything be put at odds against each other.

The only role that I see for America in this equation is to publicly point these things out and act as a mediator amongst the two sides.  We cannot be proactive on one side or the other, especially when either way could mean economic suicide for Ukraine and poverty for Ukraine’s people.  I don’t know where we get the notion that we always have to be competitive and combative in achieving OUR interests, when there’s plenty of good middle ground for EVERYBODY to have their root interests settled and, perhaps, receive a little more in return for that peace.

Think about it.


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