Why Not Me?


I may not have all of the needed skills, as of yet, to govern.  I certainly don’t have the contacts for that kind of venture yet.  But I do know where my weaknesses lie, and am willing to acknowledge my shortcomings in order to do the job that is required by the government to the society.

I am 99.99% sure, that I could do a better job, at the age of 24, at handling the basics of governing, both domestically and internationally, than the current leaders of the United States and the other powerful countries of the world.  I have the ethic, the attitude and the perspective of history to both understand and respect the societies, not abuse or exploit them, and, above all, respect the environment in which we’re living and are apart of, and realize how that’s in my best interest to be focused on the empirical truths of the matter, not to necessarily spin off on my own tangent or line of hallucinating.

How it is that I haven’t been discovered yet or how it is that I’ve been held back, I don’t know yet.

However, I do know that I am sorely needed in this world, desperately and immediately, in order to gradually transition this whole human world into a different realm of consciousness and understanding about itself, its place in the universe and the interdependence we all have on each other, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex or state of mental or physical being.

What we have at present is simple exploitation, being carried out by people who do not need the kind of love they are receiving from society and the environment.  Everyone deserves love.  However, some need it to manifest in ways that means that they don’t always get their personal way and don’t get what they ask for always.  Sometimes, it is the case that people ask for what they deserve and should get.  However, when you’re exploiting others, or causing harm onto the society and the environment for your own personal, small-self sake, you need to be denied the ability to act in those ways because it is both dangerous for your small self and dangerous for  your larger self: the world that you are apart of, to behave in these fashions and behaviors.  To persist in the light of empirical evidence with the ideology, belief or desire, is to put you in the realm of being a danger to yourself and others.  This means, that by our present laws, you’re stripped of many of your rights to act and to choose for yourself, when this behavior is shown clearly in your actions, attitudes, behaviors and perspectives of the world.  The people who I am referring to are suicidal at best, peripheral psychopaths at worst.  And I cannot believe how much time, energy and effort it has taken me to make THIS point stick with people, in spite of how obvious it is.

We are governed by people who will not make a difference in time to save themselves, let alone all of us with themselves.

And I honestly can’t believe that I am left out of the equation, when I COULD do sooo much good for the world by being present in those places of power, consequence, influence and authority.

I am, after all, just one individual, surrounded by people who would be hostile to me and, above all, in a position that doesn’t necessarily need to be at the head of a mob.  These things can all be taken care of behind the scenes.

And I can’t believe that we’re still dilly-dallying with these *holes who think and believe that it is both wise and good to be a mere parasite on this planet, for no reason other than that being a parasite, to them, feels worthwhile and good.

Let the leeches DIE already!

At the very least, get them into mental health facilities.

Think about it.


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