Legitimate Concerns

Legitimate Concerns

Honestly, I’m amazed at how dumbfoundingly callous the United States is and has been acting, vis a vis Russia and the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Has anyone considered the Russian interests and the Russian needs?  Has the Ukrainian government in Kiev gotten rid of their Fascist ties?  Those red and black flags, just fyi, are the flags of the Nazi sympathetic Ukrainian Insurgent Army who fought with the Wermacht against the Soviet Union.  No wonder the Ukrainians are concerned!

What of NATO gaining a foothold in Ukraine?  How would that extra “gain” in Ukraine help Ukrainian, NATO or Russian interests?  What of the Crimean peninsula?  You think the Russians are going to be interested in giving up their only warm water port and access to their southern flank?  To NATO?  What about all those industries in Eastern Ukraine who sell their goods exclusively to Russia?  You think they would be able to compete against European made goods from the get go?

There seem to be many working parts where we can give relatively cheap conciliatory things to Russia, in exchange for the preservation of Ukrainian territorial integrity and the attainment of a potentially pro-Western government in Kiev over a federated Ukraine.  The Ukrainians could get rid of the Fascists, we could not take Ukraine into NATO but train along side them, we could allow the Russians to stay in Crimea and we could have the EU, Russia and Ukraine work out an economic deal such that everyone benefits from Ukraine’s potential.

I don’t get what’s so onerous about giving these little things to keep the Russian feathers from being legitimately ruffled, in order to make some major gains for Ukraine and the West.  Yet, typical of American “leadership”, we just throw down with whatever side SEEMS to fit our desire to have democracy everywhere, and then viciously attack the other side in the argument, giving no room for quarter or peace such that we can achieve our ends while keeping things cool.  Instead, we barrel on into these places, acting like we’re some kind of cowboy jackoff in white, without appearing to have any clue towards what is going on in the other side’s court or in the other side’s mind, such that we’re not able or willing to give anything reasoned and reasonable to make the relationship remain solid while we get what we want (which has to be defined oh so very carefully, in these affairs).  It’s as if we don’t have a definition of what we want out of this situation, judging by how we’re going after EVERYTHING, including the unreasoned stuff we shouldn’t be wanting or taking.  Who then is the snake in the grass?

I hate putting my country people in this place.  But it’s our leadership that’s to blame; not the people.  It’s these jackoffs who constantly lead us into these situations where we don’t get what we’re looking for and we’re not at all navigating the seas competently for our own sake and benefit.  We’re not defining our goal, we’re not looking for rocks that we need to avoid, and we’re not judging the winds and currents very well; of course you’re going to steer badly.

I’m 24, and I get these concepts!

What’s their excuses, these “people” who sit in “power” and make these unreasoned, unsensed and downright stupid decisions?  They’re in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and up.

Is that why I’m getting left behind and put down?  Because I’m outshining the “maestros of politics”?

Pretty petty stuff, from people whose egos are way to big for their body sizes.


Think about it.


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