The Disconnect


The Disconnect

The engine of the economy has been disconnected from the motor.  It is creating an inefficient and ineffective wealth generator, and it’s going to destroy the whole thing in due time and do significant damage to the population aggragates of our societies (not to mention, wipe our our polities and governments, with the officials going with it as well).

To put it another way, the heart’s not pumping as it should, and the blood (resources and wealth) are settling in the feet of society.  This leads to bloating of the feet and the death of the whole body (including the cells in the feet who are being bloated by this inefficiency of the heart, and the governmental brain with all of its cells).

If people were able to spend, they most likely would spend and, thus, increase the demand and the value of the economy.  Prices would go up temporarily as supply worked to catch up.  A marketing campaign for “Made in America” goods, if instituted, may result in increased demand for home made goods and pull our businesses back from China (if people were able to afford those goods).

This is an issue of national security, after all, and of domestic and international well being.  We cannot afford to have our wealth and our produced value be siphoned off by the elite bankers and executives, who will not and cannot spend all of the money that they’re sucking in and socking away.  It makes us weaker as a whole nation, it makes the economy weaker overall throughout the world, it destabilizes the society, such that the polity is destabilized and it opens us up for the loss of our sovereignty due to foreign meddling and influence and the production of a considerable amount of chaos in society from the instability.  How ironic that the peace and order loving conservatives of this world would advocate for policies and actions that are, in practice, not philosophy, so destabilizing to the whole of the social world that they value so much.


If the government is not going to act on these economic problems, for their own sakes as well as for the sakes of the people whose society they govern, it behooves the society to take action independently of government, such that a more functional world and better quality of life can be achieved.  Poverty is something that we choose to keep around.  When pure laissez-faire princples are applied to an economy, only the rich get richer while everyone else stagnates or diminishes in value.  Excessive regulation does cause harm to the economy, as does central planning and resource allocation.  However, the solution is not the polar opposite of no regulation, but a middle ground of effective and sensed regulation.  The heart needs to pump, if the social body is going to grow and be healthy.  The engine must be connected to the machine and it must be maintained, if it is going to be considered an effective and efficient engine that delivers optimal results for everybody (and I do mean, everybody, including the bankers and the rich who are presently evaporating so much of our wealth into the unlimited atmosphere of their own bank accounts, rather than put it to good use in our society via wages, educational investments, healthcare, defense, infrastructure, environmental preservation, etc, etc).  It’s no wonder that we’re growing economically at such a relatively sluggish pace, if this is what happens to our wealth (which is, btw, produced ultimately by the individual workers on the factory floor or in the service line).

And yet, here we are, in 2014, with me being only 24 going on 25.  I am more aware of how this is going to work, more aware as to how it can and, ideally, should, actually be working on the empirical level, if we are going to avoid the impending social, economic, political and environmental crises.  I’m better than most, if not all of the current top advisers and political leaders of today, simply by virtue of the fact that I’m aware as to how my own self interests lie with the other in our social world.  I’m called is “arrogant” by the very same adults who are demonstrating themselves to be unqualified for their jobs and more arrogant than I with regards to how they handle the world as I would.  I at least acknowledge my shortcomings, after all, and find ways to work around them as I learn about them.  I also do not think of myself as so significant as to think that I could attempt to break natural law for what I wrongly perceive of as my own personal gain.  Relative to these bankers and these conservatives from either side of the official political divide, I’m actually quite reasonable and humble, in spite of my tone.  That’s just me being assertive, not arrogant.

So, let’s let the conservative dumbasses play as if they have no rules.  Bear in mind, society, that you are going to burn for your negligence as much as they are going to burn for their arrogance.  I can only talk and write and work at advancing myself into the appropriate places.  Everything and everyone else needs to act in order for this evolution of humanity away from greed and delusions about their own selves and places in the universe.

I think it’s just a hallucination on the part of conservatives and ideologues, after all.  Just some grand delusions brought on by a trumped up sense of self that these bankers, executives and ideologues have.  Just some pathologically diseased brains, and nothing more.  Too bad we’re not isolating and treating them.

Think about it.


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