Youth in “Revolt”

I don’t believe “radicals” and “Liberals” when they’re under 50.

It’s cheap being a “radical Leftist” at the age of 20 or 30.  Dime a dozen individual bleeding off their hormones from adolescence who doesn’t understand what good policy is all about or what good government action entails.  The radicals of the 1960’s, voted for Reagan in the 1980’s; the youth get bitter and stop going along with the fashionable trends to realize their true Right wing colors.

Truly being a Liberal involves being adaptable, flexible and benevolent always for the sake of the other.  If you can’t really empathize with the other, in such a way that you’re ACTUALLY feeling something for them, if you’re just going along with the crowd, because it’s fashionable to be Liberal at a particular moment of your lifetime, than you don’t belong in the Liberal camp.

Not really.

It’s an evolutionary concept here, one that most people are going to fail at and are going to suck hardcore at.

That is why I don’t give a crap as to how “Liberal” you trumpet yourself when you’re young.

Only how much you’re able to ACT the part when you’re old, and your energy levels are shot so that you can’t lie as easily as you used to be able to.

Think about it.


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