Of Progressives and Conservatives


It’s funny how most of the progressive things that conservatives have bemoaned and complained about have become things that they’ll either never touch or have become things that they’ve claimed as their own in later years.  The whole concept of human rights and dignifty, for example, have become major selling points for the Right, even though they were in opposition to the granting of those rights all those years ago when they were first conceived of.

Which of our current century’s progressive ideas will become the conservative battle cry of tomorrow?  Economic justice and liberty?  Environmental protectionism?

The bottom line is that conservatives seem to have this pathological fear of adaptation, change and difference  They come up with all kinds of excuses and hallucinated images to justify the lack of change, even if those changes would, on the empirical level, improve the quality of life for humankind and make life more sustainable and stable in the environment and universe in which we are living.  It’s ironic that the people who are most inclined against change and difference are the ones who bring about the most amount of actual change in the world through their clinging to habits, behaviors and perspectives that no longer have relevance in the grand scheme of the universe beyond what we’ve assigned to them as humans.  They don’t seem to be able to stand a universe that is not solid and eternal, and then they break all the solid bonds of logic, mathematics and empirical fact to justify and “prove” their biased desires.  They don’t pay attention to the future or the present, but instead, tend to focus on the past without care or apparent concern for the actual present in which decisions get made and the actual implications for the future of their decisions today!  It’s as if they’re more concerned about satisfying and cooling their anxiety about change and difference; imposing their vision of society on others while enriching themselves at the public’s expense.

This combined leads to an inherent inability to lead effectively, in spite of their ability to move and motivate a crowd and a disability to think in terms ot the larger group over which they wield an authoritarian and inherently undemocratic influence over such that the whole species’ well being is inhibited and prevented from blooming.. It doesn’t seem to matter which culture or background they come from; the effects are the same, and sink beneath the surface level of political ideology, belief and stated opinion.  Conservatism seems to be a brain type; it doesn’t matter which ideology or background you come from.

This might explain how liberals of today have a tendency to become conservatives of tomorrow; the longer term ideas hugging according to the social logic of the culture while the other ideas get flung off by the rest of society.  Consider that the people in their 20’s and teens during the 1960’s grew up to vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s when they were in their 30’s and 40’s.  Now that they’re in their 60’s and 70’s, they’re showing their full Right wing colors as members of the Tea Party and other conservative ideological groups.

It seems that, in general, as people get older and less able and willing to change, they become more engrained in their habits, less concerned about others and more attentive to their own small-self perceived needs and wants.  The Right seems to dawn at the end of a civilization, because it is when people are most fat that they are less likely to adapt, change and sacrifice, even for their own good and their own well being.  Humanity will pay the price for its present complacency and conservatism, environmentally and socially.  Adaptation and change are the only two things that are truly going to be constant in this world for us.  A shame that those who seem to be able to wield the most amount of influence in society are also the least capable and least willing to do what is needed for society, in spite of their surface loyalty and jingoism.

Think about it.


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