The Economy of the Environment


In many respects, the environment functions very similarly to an economy.

Life grows from the sun, the capital of the environment.  It’s finite, it will run out and, for some systems in the economy of the environment, there can be too much or too little of it to sustain the economy, which then leads to the collapse of the economy of the environment and the death of everything which lives off of and within that system.

As human beings, it’s technically our role to act as a gardener of the environment through our social actions.  Governments make laws which are aimed to prevent businesses from polluting our environment, or our social economic systems can be prioritized to function better for the environment through a shift in the logic of our financial systems (essentially, picking what we shine our light onto better).  Profit maximization, as defined by financial, monetary profits and purely material wealth has led us to prioritize the wrong kinds of things that we need to keep the economy of the environment we’ve evolved into afloat.  We are literally trading at a loss when we prioritize our wealth over our health, well being and survival.  Yet this is not currently factored into our investor’s logic or their behavior and, when confronted about these issues, the present bankers and financiers resist tooth and nail any effort to bring them in line with producing a net profit for ourselves in terms of health, well being and survival.  This is why I think that those who don’t prioritize health and well being over monetary wealth are mentally ill and should be treated as such.

But that should be obvious to all who look on these things, if they themselves are accurately perceiving the world around them themselves.

Anyway, the economy of our environment is about to have an imminent collapse, thanks to those who currently wield influence over our legislatures and law enforcement mechanisms.  Democracy has been rendered impotent to respond to people’s needs and people’s well being, for the sake of these monetary “profits” which do nothing for no one, other than create an incentive to make a mess of ourselves and our world.  If we are going to be good stewards of our environmental economy, as well as our social economy, we must reform our banking and governing systems, for the sake of those who currently reside in our governing and financial systems.  Otherwise, we’re all going to die as a result of this environmental crash that we’re headed towards.

We live off of the economy of the environment, not just the economy of our society.

And it’s time that we seriously begin to contemplate and factor in these non-monetary factors, if we want to survive and be well (let alone, be wealthy and well off).

Think about it.


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