Ce Qui est Faux? (What is Wrong?)

Ce Qui est Faux? (What is Wrong?)

Ok, clearly there’s something wrong with the way the Socialists have been running the economy.  The rich are still richer, the poor and unemployed aren’t going away.

What is wrong?

For what reason is the Hollande government not going into an honest and thorough investigation into what it is that they’re doing wrong with regards to policy and its execution?  Did they focus too much on tax and not focus enough on wages and encouraging free growth?  Did they do too much austerity cutting, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t really correlate with improved economic efficacy?  Did he spend too much time focusing on the banks and not enough time on looking after the well being of his people?

Still, regardless of the cause (and there are many possibilities and combinations of possibilities), this is the price for incompetence in government.  The opposition takes control in a different form, when the old opposition is thrown out of power.

However, I don’t think that the National Front will do a better job governing the French society than the Socialists.  I think that the exclusion of immigrants will hinder economic growth and well being for the stagnant and aging French-French society, in addition to create an increased amount of hostility and unrest within the common social space.  Furthermore, I honestly don’t know how concerned or committed they are to effectively and empirically solving the economic problems of France.  Hatred, mistrust and dislike of a group of people does not an economic policy set make, yet that is precisely what the National Front is based on.

It looks like this will be the end of the French Socialist Party in this current incarnation.  However, I would caution the Right to not celebrate so soon, as it will boil down to who governs better in France with the French economy, not to how badly can you scare people into believing that their society is going to collapse because some people from a different religion and culture are moving in next door.  Time will tell what needs to be done.  Perhaps Hollande’s victory was premature relative to the consciousness that’s needed for market socialistic logic to work.  Still, if I were Hollande, I would be preparing to resign, step back with the Party, and reassess, waiting for the moment that the disloyal and delusional Right wing makes its next mistake.

There are no victories in politics, only people who stay in the fight longer or shorter.  That being said, it doesn’t matter whether the Empire or the Rebel Alliance governs the galaxy, because they are all going to be bound by the same natural laws and the same circumstances, which will prompt them to behave in the same basic ways, if they are following in their own actual self-interests and not contrary to them.  A sad state of affairs that no one seems to realize that this is the case.

Think about it.


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