Equality of Opportunity


The equality of opportunity will always fade away with the inevitable inequality of outcomes, all things being equal.  Wealth generates wealth.  Those who have will always be able to have more than those who don’t.  If you’re going to equalize opportunity, you must have some mechanism to keep the equality of outcomes in check.

I think this is a perfectly reasonable and accurate perspective to take for two reasons.  The first is that it’s factually accurate and replicable across economies, cultures and predicaments.  The second, is that you can only use so much material wealth in a given lifetime.  Eventually wealth becomes so excessive for the individual or the company that it/he/she cannot buy more with what it/he/she has.  Therefore, why worry about the loss of wealth?  Or, rather, why should we, as a society, accept and tolerate this non-rational loss aversion by a few individuals and companies?

Besides, the real measure of economic wealth in a society is in the relative utility of goods and services at providing us with inner peace, happiness and material comfort.  It does not lie in dollar amounts or in currency, because that is only the medium through which the economy exchanges goods and services; the oil that lubricates the engine parts.  Why are we putting so much value on the lubrication, when it is the engine that needs to be looked after, tended to and allowed to function?

We’re seeing a turn in our society against the existing economic and political powers that be, brought on by the same economic and political powers who are desperately trying to maintain relevance and position in our society.  Woe betide those who neglect the well being of the society and the health of the environment for the sake of the small-self.

Think about it.

And, have faith that you don’t need to have faith that it all plays out on this plane of existence, at the very least; on all other planes of existence at the very most.

Think about it.


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