The Evolution of Society

It is reasonable to hypothesize that at some point in the evolution of cells that there were non-symbiotic, parasitic cells that merged into other cells and destroyed both sets of life.  While non-symbiotic parasite-host relationships persist to this day with successful reproduction, they still don’t add the same kind of value as symbiotic relationships between organisms.  Indeed, it may have been when a prokaryotic cell merged and exchanged genetic material with a eukaryotic cell in a symbiotic relationship that we get a flourishing of complexity and diversity in life, as life moves into a new stage of growth as a result of these changes owing to the combined and complimentary powers of the cells.

What if, instead of public and private elites acting as non-symbiotic parasites within the species, they formed a symbiotic relationship with the general public?  Why not cease to exploit for the sake of small-self gain (in the form of the institution or the individual) at the expense of society and the environment, but rather, use their positions within society to continuously and perpetually do positively by society and the environment for their own sakes and benefits?  What could that do to our species’ evolution, as individuals, a society and a collective of societies?

It’s just a particular set of brain type(s) that take on the parasitic qualities.

And, I’d like to see them treated for their problems and have their problems treated for what they are, rather than have anything resort to violence, overthrow and anarchical chaos.

Revolutions can be diffused.  The changes can be brought about peacefully.  It’s just a question whether the elites can act effectively in order to do so, if they’re willing to in the first place.

Think about it.


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