Turning the Social Compost Heap


“Better is bread with a happy heart, than wealth with vexation.” – Amenempope

You’d think eople wouldh ave learned this concept from ancient Egypt.  You’d think that Egyptians themselves would have, on high and on low, preserved this wisdom within their cultural fabric in order to save, sustain and enable the ability to sometimes thrive, as a society and as a people from now, until the end of time and beyond.

You’d think that.

But you’d be wrong.

That’s the sad part about it.

You don’t see Egyptian generals or officers giving up the excesses which fueled the overthrow of their own old sponsor.  You don’t see corporate Americans and hedge fund managers giving up their billiosn (yes, with a “b” billiosn) of dollars of total net income.

But here we are, all the same.

The rich are getting paranoid of the lower classes, so they must spy on us inappropriately in order to put their minds at ease that they won’t be ripped apart in their sleep by the very people who worked to produce the wealth, monetary and non-monetary, that they so exclusively enjoy.

But the real question is: are they vexed by the condition that they’re in and by the situation that they’re putting themselves into?

A former Marine friend of mine said that “it was those with the mentality of five year olds who go toddling into battle.”  Perhaps these elites are just those who lack the mental capacity to understand what they are doing in the fullest of senses?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that their actiosn are more self and collaterally destructive than anything I’ve seen to date.  It’s the whole social order that’s going to be “turned” as it were.  What’s worse, is that the turning is still going to be made of the same pieces of compostables that went into it in the first place.  Therefore, the turning isn’t likely to do much, in the grand scheme of things.  Yet it is likely to happen because that’s just what humanity seems to do.  It’s neither logical, nor rational nor entirely credible.

But it is what it is.

And I don’t know how to stop it from happening.

At the very least, I don’t know how to implement a mitigation plan against the potential damages that could happen as a result of the impending social collapse, even though I probably could, with assistance, develop one effectively enough.

Strange universe.

Think about it.


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