The Advantage of the Big Picture


I fail at executing the little details.  But where I fail at details, I am able to perceive, interpret and act effectively on the broader, more innovative level of existence.  It’s through the over-emphasis on detailed execution that, I think, the American society as we know it can collapse.  No one of consequence seems to be noticing what is happening to themselves and the world in which they live, and they’re always more than willing to shoot people like me down for pointing out the error of their ways through the emphasis on details and the nitty gritty “perfection” that inherently yields imperfections beyond the perception of the more detail oriented types that execute these larger mistakes.  They may know how to repeat to the “t”, sing a song by heart without melody or feeling and fill in a system.  However, they’re inherently lousy at producing, creating and executing systems according to the general needs and interests of that particular inter-meshed system.

It is through innovation and a constant attention to the future relative to the present that the species is most likely, going to be able to survive, be well and avoid hazards, while a constant attention to the past relative to the present will only lead to repetition, collapse and decay of the system that these individuals spend so much time, energy and effort propping up at their own expenses.  It is not through the reliance on the old or the parsed out that this species will survive, but through the acknowledgement of the whole with a focus on the new.  It’s creativity and innovation that save the day for humanity.  The detail oriented people just come afterwards into the power circle, having mastered the game that our civilization is playing, without having an inkling of a clue as to what the actual game entails or how to really play it beyond what they’ve memorized by rote.Living is not about trying to repeat or imitate, unless that is what the new set of known conditions calls for.  It’s about dynamism, responsiveness, growth, death and sacrifice.  It’s a brutally ugly thing when you fail to adapt to the most accurate pieces of knowledge and understanding, for whatever reason or bit of emotional attachment that you may have to a given incorrect belief or tangibly hazardous practice that you may like.  Our brains have not evolved to the point where it can be honestly said that we’re playing with a full box of marbles, and I doubt that we will really ever reach that point, given our current trajectory of actions.  We are a non-ideal species, set in non-ideal times and conditions.If we survive, and are able to turn this whole ship around as soon as honestly possible, than that will be one of our greatest accomplishments as a species.Otherwise, we’ll just “foof” out of existence.  And the universe itself will be none the wiser about our presence.Think about it.


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