Observations of Social Inclusion, Exclusion and Care

When there is a lack of inclusion within a given society or care for all members of the larger human society, either in the realm of politics or economy or society, things tend to get out of hand and out of hand fast.

We can see throughout history and across cultures the corpses (literally) of those who died either to gain greater access to our political, economic and social realms as well as those trying to suppress them.  Revolutions all over the world, West Virginia Mine Wars, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam protests.  All of them stemming from the hallmarks of negative government and poor choices made by the human governments of the world.

While letting new faces and perspectives in will have new and unpredictable effects in our social world, inclusion in general principle is a more stable system of social function and logic.  Excessive exclusion yields unrest, bitterness and fighting. Excessive inclusion, I hypothesize, leads to trivialization, lack of focus and clarity from the society.

Therefore, those who occupy the top places in our society have to govern as if they are governing for the whole while it is also not good for everyone to occupy those “top” spots in a given society.  We need the logic and principles of leadership to alter without having the actual leadership itself be torn asunder in the growing mass of unhappiness, anger and frustration.  To that end, conservative voices need to suppress themselves, such that the actual changes can go through while progressive voices need to communicate and act significantly better than they have in the past.

We can’t afford the incoherence of the mob.  But we are not going to stand the tyranny and carelessness of the rich or the powerful.  All living beings are bound by the same natural laws of consequence, circumstance and biology.  No one can and ever will escape these holds on humans and on humanity as a whole.  It doesn’t matter who or what you think you are as an individual or as part of a collective whole that is our world.

Therefore, a middle ground has to be realized in our society, where there is a clear government with members who clearly and genuinely understand their actual roles in a given society.  It is not in the governments’ members interests to suppress the rest of humanity or to inappropriately interact with it anymore than it is in the interests of the rich, powerful.  All are bound according to the laws of nature.  Those who don’t think so and do not behave as such never had a mother who actually laid down the law of the house for them.  That’s all I can presently say about the potential developmental path that these individuals have taken.  And soon, they will understand that nature and society is not like their mother who never held a punishment in place.  Nature is much more demanding than they can possibly realize.

And it’s because of that, that we’re all going to fail in this epoch of humanity, the world and the universe.

Think about it.


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