Religion and Politics


Religion is an ultimate binder and divider of humanity.  All religions tie back in to the same basic concepts and the same fundamental principles, yet they divide us arguably more than ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality and all other superficial divisions of identity and sense of self within the human society.  Even the secularists who have adopted the religion of secularism and comfort with skepticism, rather than faith.  It is the primary motivator for war and hatred between two people and two groups of people, in practice, unless the common principles are emphasized amongst all.  Religion plays a significant role in the foundation of society, politics and economics within a given society, arguably working on the psychological and neurological level within the brain.  We will never be free from it, because our biology will deny us the ability to be rid of it.  The revolution against the Deity has started, and has been concluded with the resurrection of a new Deity in its stead.

By religion I am not talking about God, the “Supreme Being” or any other deity from any religion in particular.  I am talking about that which draws us together as one and inevitably divides us again into many different conflicting groups on the emotional and psychological level.  In other words, it is the psychological, sociological and cultural phenomenon that I am talking about, not about that which the psychological, sociological and cultural phenomenon draws people to.  To control it is to have ultimate power in the society of humanity (note, this is not the same as having it in the universal sense); to deny its presence within you, even as a secularist or an atheist, is to deny a large part of your psychological and neurological needs and defacto behaviors.  To reject it or be ignorant of it in politics is suicide, domestically and internationally.  To be callous towards it is to alienate yourself socially from everyone; to embrace it is to embrace humanity for what we are and are going to be.

Therefore, I say onto the progressives and Liberals: it is time to find your principles again and drive the forces of darkness back into the void, once again.  They have polluted us, polluted our so called “opponents” (who are really just disconnected people from reality, regardless of party affiliation or preference), polluted our environment and are going to lead to the death of us all, if we do not do anything significant and substantial to help ourselves, let alone, each and all of us on this planet.

Think about it.

Because your life is bound up in this mess, as we all are.

And it’s just a question of whether your brain and sense organs are able to sense and perceive it as such.

Not your choice.

Think about it.


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