A Role for Government in the Economy


Inequality of outcomes result in inequalities of opportunities.  The rich tend to get richer and impose themselves and their small “self” interests over the needs and interests of the general population (which are also part of their interests by default, even if they aren’t aware of or don’t acknowledge them being so).  The road to serfdom happens when a few people are able to domineer over the needs and interests of the general public.  This happens either due to a private or public elite.  The main difference between the two, is that the public elite are more easily accountable to the people than the private elite, even though all elites are bound to the fate of the society as a whole in which they live.  No matter how tightly repressed a people may be, they have historiclly tended to find ways around the control of the elites.  Power is checked always, on a technical level; always distributed in a society, even if one section is making choices while the other is following them.  For that matter, it is the society that has more influence over the government, due to its relative size and longevity, relative to the government and its members.  Therefore, it is only an illusion that government, its members, or the private elite members have any control or influence over society, except for what the society and its members are willing to give.

Therefore, I ask that society enable the government to deal with the issue of wealth inequality, such that we get back to functioning as a whole market economy.  This is not the same as enacting cumbersome and frivolous regulations, but a necessary step to preserve our democracy and our ability to function as a whole society.  Without the necessary kick down to the rest of society from the coffers of the companies and their executives, there is no point in growing the pie bigger, if that growth is simply shipped off into the maw of the insatiable elites who own the means of production.  Wealth needs to be shifted down, such that everyone who produced the wealth is able to receive their appropriate share.  The incentive to grow and innovate should and can still be there.  However, that incentive to grow should not be exclusively held by the “owners” of production, but shared out with reason to all who produce wealth in society and the economy.  A rising tide raises all boats only if the dams that the elite build to take more than their share are torn down.  That is something that the government needs to do in order to preserve the market economy, and the society and environment from which the economy grows, and it is, in my view, worth people with guns barging into someone’s house in order to execute for the sake of saving those who are acting as dangers to themselves and dangers to others due to greed.

Think about it.


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