Government: Society’s Doctor (And What That Means)


A good doctor knows what is going on, what to do when what is going on and what not to do when whatever is going on.

A society is always going to have problems within itself and amongst each other.  It is the government’s role, in my view, to act as the physician for the sake of the entire species and all of life living on or off this planet, neither to impede nor neglect the society that its members are dependent upon as well.

Normally, the body is able to handle itself.  However, there are actually a very small, but necessary amount of potential vitamin, exercise and dietary regimens that government can put into practice in order to improve the material and psychological quality of life for human beings living in a society.  Government is only one aspect of social functions and it must work in harmony with all of the other parts in order to produce a consistent, solid effect on a given society.  The other aspects, everything ranging from businesses to not for profits, to other community groups, to the media, to individual groups, are apart of the concert which makes the whole of society, inclusive of those aspects of society.  But government is the aspect of society that everyone looks to when things are going well and when things are going wrong.  Coordination and obedience to the lower level laws and conditions that are present is the name of its game; there is no need for inappropriate or excessive centralization of control in a society.

This is in order to produce the best possible quality of life for citizens living in a given society and amongst societies.  The government physician needs to benefit all people living on the planet and all living beings in this universe in order to be of benefit for its own self and its own members.  Its members must know what is happening, what is not happening, what works, what doesn’t work and when to act and when not to act.  That is how a government keeps itself and earns its keep within the society.  Not by taking as much relative power as its members can get their hands on in spite of the responsibility that society places upon it and its members.

It’s not like they could have any control that the society wouldn’t give them anyway.  Even if they did get that kind of control, they’d still have to obey the natural laws of cause and effect and the conditions that are present.  There would be no change in the actual condition of the government and its members, even if the perception of the government and its members changed.

Think about it.


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