The Freedom Joke

There is no free will; only the illusion of choice.  Your perceived ability to choose is simply a biological part of your brain that can be manipulated and has variable abilities of function, depending upon the individual and the condition in which you’re in.  That’s just talking about your individual biological needs to act; it says nothing about the consequences of your actions or of the circumstances in which you’re in.

Yet humanity is still likely to continuously pursue that which does not exist on this plane of existence as far as we’re concerned and will likely be offended by or negligent of my words.  We’re all traveling along a track in the space time continuum, neither really choosing or having that much influence over what happens to us.  You’ll just follow what you were able and willing to do based on your perceived circumstance and condition (not the same as your actual condition and circumstance).  Thus you are really deprived of the freedom you’re always seeking on this plane of existence.

Does one really have a choice over their actions if their circumstances are x, their perceptions are y, their synthesis is z and the outcomes of their actions continuously feedback towards them?  Where’s the “liberty” in that?  Where’s the “freedom”?

Think about it.


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