Society Unhinged and What That Means for Us


All societies organize themselves in a finite number of ways, depending upon the culture, sensibility and present condition of their society.    What is functional in one will not be functional in another.  The United States, by default, yields an oligarchy that has a contentious relationship with its society, even when the whole thing is acting as the most responsive and seemingly democratic fashion.  Russia and China have a top-down autocracy that governs over their people.  The French do top down authority as well, under the guise of responsiveness and care for their people, while the English have a conservative, bottom up way of going about things.  The Germans, likewise, seem to do things communally (even across all Germanic societies in Europe), while Latin America continues the tradition of elite dominance over the people, in contention with more egalitarian social logics from the substantial native populations.  Arabian societies seem to organize as an autocracy as well, with sporadic contention with the society itself, while Iranians seem to have a more responsive and open culture towards toward people’s needs and wishes (in spite of present restrictions from the more conservative branches of society).  Hunter-gatherers in smaller bands form egalitarian collectives where their members work together autonomously of all higher powers, other than the environment and spiritual and religious beliefs and cultural/social sensibilities (which change and fluctuate somewhat, depending upon the content and condition of the given society at any given time).

All are bound by the condition of the environment, the psychological and physical content of their societies, and the conditions within their given societies and amongst societies.  There is no one who can actually have all power, even though there are many diseased brains among the “elite” classes of our society who seem to really believe that they actually have liberty, freedom and the ability to do anything they’d like whenever they’d like on this plane of existence.  All are bound by circumstance, consequence and biology, which essentially means, being bound by physics and the natural laws of the universe.  There are no two ways about it, really, try as we might to invest and cling to the notion that we can have any freedom on this plane of existence.

It would be an interesting study to examine all societies and see the various patterns of how they organize amongst themselves when an old order has been “beaten” out of power by a new order (which will likely show precisely what kind of order grows naturally in any given society).  It is when the society loses its order that you’re truly able to see what kind of order replaces it and get clues as to what kind of civilization and people they are.  Such would be an expansive study of history, economy, sociology, politics, governance, international relations, organizations, leadership, management, psychology, neurology and complexity, and such would be an invaluable tool at helping to understand who a people are and what kind of order is likely to always be present within them.

Think about it.


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