The Common Goal

The common goal for all living things is survival and well being.

Regardless of whether you’re liberal or conservative or somewhere in between; if you’re one race or another or a mixture of several.  It doesn’t matter about your religious beliefs or personal identity, or any other feature about us that we might find that differentiates and divides us.  The name of the game is survival and well being, and that’s a fact.

Unfortunately, while we have a common goal, we have many different ways of trying to accomplish this goal, with varied effects on the physical and psychological levels.  This then leads to people stepping on each others’ toes, hateful feelings, nastiness amongst and between people, and other behavior that’s a hold over from our ape past.  It’s like awkward teenagers dancing together, unable and unpracticed in the flow of the dance relative to the common beat, and all getting angry at the others for failing to dance in ways that are suitable and in time with their own dance.

I don’t know how you would call one complaint more legitimate than other, unless of course that one group is deliberately or persistently hurting another by accident on the physical level.  Psychological harm is much more complicated and difficult to decide whether a complaint is more or less legitimate, although I will say that extreme demands to have things be in a particular, rigid manner generally seems to carry less weight amongst the species than nuanced acceptance and/or tolerance.  It’s a gigantic negotiation amongst individuals and groups, and we’re, as of yet, not terribly conscientious about how things are or aren’t working for the whole that is the multiple collective and the small “self” individual relative to the larger Self of the collective whole.  Worse still, there are exploitative personalities and brain types who would attempt to cheat and take more than the portion that is in their interests to take.  But, then again, that’s all relative to the dynamics amongst the people who are involved; their variable levels of acceptance and tolerance for other people’s misbehavior.

So, where does that leave all of us then?

It leaves me with the belief that we need to arrive at this understanding of the common goals of survival and well being conscientiously first, before we can move into notions of everyone’s variable and changable levels of tolerance and acceptance.  I’m not sure how the species will organize itself, since we’re not likely to do what is actually going to be ideal for ourselves individually and collectively for any long period of consistent time or in the context of a constantly changing environment and set of conditions.  But what I do know, is that the more we’re separated from the understanding and awareness of the common goals of survival and well being, the more likely it will be that we’ll individually and collectively fail than if we were to focus on the common goals and maintain our awareness of what we need and what is merely a want; what is necessary for our actual survival and physical/psychological well being and what really isn’t.

It’s when we prioritize things poorly, on high and down below in our social worlds that we get stuck.  It’s also when we misread, misunderstand or deliberately ignore the actual needs and priorities of the other we’re working with, on the individual and collective levels that we run into problems for our own selves.  It’s a crying shame that we don’t seem to be acknowledging or working with each other to solve common problems, and using our diversity of thought and feeling to sort through what actually works and what doesn’t actually work.  We have the capability, but not necessarily the understanding, knowledge or will to do so.

it’s a shame, really, because we all could be individually so much better off through maintaining dialogue and a little humility in the fact that what we want may not always be what we really need.  We’ve got the tools.  But I doubt that we’ll master these practices for any sustained period of time or in the near future, if we do it or are able to do it at all.


Think about it.


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