The Way History Has Shown Things to Work

Governments fail due to their own members’ actions and their own members'(frequently false) perceptions and beliefs about how things are, should be and work in our given societies and economies.  There are laws that are not written by humans at work within each of our societies, cultures and ecosystems, and they must be abided by first, with our written laws written to conform to them, such that we achieve the maximum potential for survival and well being first.  It doesn’t matter what you think, feel or believe in this place.  All that matters, is what works, what doesn’t work, and how well do things work relative to others, for the sake of our survival as a species, a society, and an institution.  Survival of the species comes first, because without that, societies and institutions can’t exist.  Societies have to survive ahead of institutions, for the same reason.  Institutions, if they want to be carried on and revered, must necessarily work for the sake of the survival and well being of the society and species, if it is to actually preserve its own members’ lives and well being.

That’s the joke that the universe plays on people who think they can do anything they’d like, without having to worry about consequence, circumstance or their own condition relative to others and the environment.  That is the joke for every childish adult, living in Neverland, where there aren’t rules and things that have to be done before your own wishes and wants get satisfied, if they get satisfied at all to begin with.  Goodness knows, I know that this view isn’t attractive for many.  But that’s the price of sitting in the fancy chair, with the fancy office, with the authority, consequence and responsibility that comes with them all.  If you’re not interested in such work, might I suggest you go into lighter work that is less harmful for your own small self sake?  Maybe theater, or the arts?  Something where your ego can be satisfied without you causing harm to, ultimately, yourself and everyone else that is around you, near and far on the actual plane of existence, not on the one that you’re presently living?

Policy making is technical work.  Leadership over people is an art with a powerful empirical science component to it.  You’re not free to do whatever you want.  You’re not able to have everything that you want.  And you basically gotta be good at accepting that on a regular basis while listening to what other people need and want, and following through accordingly, such that they don’t do harm to others through their actions, behaviors and desires.  It’s a mediating job, it’s a coordinating job at best.  It’s a scientific endeavor to figure out what works, in what contexts for the whole of the social world, not just your little perceived slice of it or your predetermined “interest”.  If you can’t take that kind of crap, then don’t bother going into government service at any level or in any fashion.  This whole system is going to blow up thanks to the people who are presently operating it with that kind of logic.  And it is, ultimately, their own fault that they fail, regardless of how they feel or rationalize it.

Personally, I’m sick of these chimpish folks screwing everything up with their faulty brains that can’t even function for their own personal sakes, let alone, for everyone elses’ sake.  They’re going to be kicked out, regardless of what they’d like, unless they make a larger change than I think they’re willing or capable of doing.  The question then becomes, how do we drive out the extremists, the ideologues, the idiots, the incompetents and the radicals who are no more in touch with reality than an untreated and unpracticed schizophrenic?  If we can get THAT dealt with, and get the power vacuum filled with people who actually can take care of themselves in places of consequence and authority and are in touch with reality enough to want to do what is right while acknowledging their flaws, we could be in better shape than we’d otherwise be.

That’s all that I’ve got to say for now.

Think about it.


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