An Honest Confession

I may not be able to help any of you reach enlightenment.  However, I know I can help set each and all of you on the path to make conditions for reaching enlightenment much much easier than it was before.

I think, at the very least, it starts with an understanding about the brain, how it works, how its actions relate to your behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, etc.  From there, we can match brain states with behaviors and subconscious prejudices and biases and find ways to help people achieve healthier brain states.  At the very least, we can identify those who are persistently in an unhealthy state and reroute them away from places of power, consequence, authority and responsibility.

From there, comes the questions of government, for government.  This must be done in conjunction with all other aspects of a given society, such that government is only playing a coordinating and collaborative leadership role with the other aspects of society, asserting its influence over others only when another aspect of society is causing harm to other, arguably more vital aspects of society as a whole.  That is the only way that a government, especially an American government, is going to be able to maintain legitimacy, authority and position within its given society.

The question is not whether the government should be small or large, depending upon abstract ideologies and notions about how the world ought to be, but rather based on empirical knowledge about what works optimally in what conditions, such that we’re in conformity with natural law, at the very least, and thus, best able to survive and potentially thrive throughout any condition that may befall us on planet Earth, up until the inevitable death of our species through either evolution or through extinction.  The only thing that is currently holding us back is the current sets of biological brains sitting in halls of power, consequence, authority and responsibility and our own biological brains outside of that power system.

That’s it.

Think about it.


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