Guided Self-Organization in a Dynamic Embodied System Based on Attractor Selection Mechanism

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Guided self-organization can be regarded as a paradigm proposed to understand how to guide a self-organizing system towards desirable behaviors, while maintaining its non-deterministic dynamics with emergent features. It is, however, not a trivial problem to guide the self-organizing behavior of physically embodied systems like robots, as the behavioral dynamics are results of interactions among their controller, mechanical dynamics of the body, and the environment. This paper presents a guided self-organization approach for dynamic robots based on a coupling between the system mechanical dynamics with an internal control structure known as the attractor selection mechanism. The mechanism enables the robot to gracefully shift between random and deterministic behaviors, represented by a number of attractors, depending on internally generated stochastic perturbation and sensory input. The robot used in this paper is a simulated curved beam hopping robot: a system with a variety of mechanical dynamics which depends on its actuation frequencies. Despite the simplicity of the approach, it will be shown how the approach regulates the probability of the robot to reach a goal through the interplay among the sensory input, the level of inherent stochastic perturbation, i.e., noise, and the mechanical dynamics.


Guided Self-Organization in a Dynamic Embodied System Based on Attractor Selection Mechanism
Surya G. Nurzaman , Xiaoxiang Yu, Yongjae Kim and Fumiya Iida

Entropy 2014, 16(5), 2592-2610

Eli Levine‘s insight:

This ties in with the concept of changing the software that runs on society’s particular hardware.  Government is the control mechanism in a given society and it must obey the natural laws of the society in order to get the responses and effects that its members wish to have on the society.  This is similar to an airplane, in that the only way to get an airplane safely, reliably and consistently off the ground is to obey the natural laws of physics in the world that the airplane is also apart of.


It should be noted here that only benevolence, care, honesty, cost effectiveness and genuine action for the sake of the general public, however those are done, are the only ways for a government and its members to stay in power.  Underhanded techniques or the imposition of brute force will not work, especially in the context of an American society.  Such is how things work in our world.  And it’s unfortunate that so many people who actually are holding political power in our society are so apparently clueless and unwilling to accept these principles in their daily courses of action.


Think about it.

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