Low-wage workers are often trapped, unable to advance

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Low-wage workers know they have to enhance their skills to escape low-wage jobs, but long hours and multiple jobs make skill-building and education nearly impossible, according to a new policy brief released by the Center for Poverty Research at the University of California, Davis.

Eli Levine‘s insight:


Such is the life of drudgery that conservative politicians and members of the elite “liberals” condemn people to live for the sake of ideology and ineptness.

Why do we listen to such people?  At all?  They’ve never served our interests, as the general public.  They’ve mistaken their own self interests as being linked to their personal “selves” at the expense of their larger “self” that includes the rest of human society and the environment.

What do these “people” know or care to know about the general public?  What do these people know or care about their actual selves relative to the public and the environment?  Just a bunch of clueless, inbred, upper crust monkeys, barely even aware of their own humanity relative to the rest of humanity. 

This is nothing more than the Dixie logic of slavery, where you’re actually giving less than what people need to survive, let alone, thrive.

And I defy ANY politician, supporter or activist to challenge that claim and to challenge the unethical and immoral nature of that slave-holding system. 


Think about it.

See on phys.org


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