Mckinsey CEO: Africa Needs $2.6tr Investment in Infrastructure

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Eli Levine‘s insight:

Imagine if a group of private, public and not for profit forces combined to raise this money for INVESTMENT (not aid) in the whole continent of Africa?

Imagine if the governments of Africa streamlined their regulations, stamped out the corruption within their systems and generally functioned to produce these infrastructure improvements?

Imagine if they hired local workers, compensated them decently by INTERNATIONAL standards and put them to work with training and educational opportunities for afterward?

Imagine what a home grown miracle could happen if this project were to go ahead, thanks to a combination of competant legislation and government function, the accumulation and investment of public and private funds and the training of tens or hundreds of millions of unemployed or underemployed people.

That would be helpful for the African economy, African autonomy, African well being and African quality of life.  No more aid, no more hand outs, no more struggling beyond what they ordinarily would have to deal with.

Heck, why not improve our own infrastructure here and make it into a 21st century infrastructure set with emphasis on mass transit?  It needs to be maintained and upgraded every once and awhile, after all.  No sense in letting it rot.

Yet goodness forbid the government do anything to encourage independent living and empower people, just for the sake of some people’s ideological preferences.

Think about it.

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