A Fool to Do Your Dirty Work?

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Anytime complexity increases through evolution, one must ask how selection at the lower level of organization (i.e., the individual cell) doesn’t disrupt the integration at higher levels of organization (i.e., a multicellular organism) by favoring selfishness. There are some general evolutionary hypotheses that have been offered to explain why and how multicellularity and the division of labor between somatic and germline cells evolved, as well as the conditions under which these developments would be expected. Clearly, organisms with differentiated cells can experience many fitness advantages, such as the ability to grow larger and exploit novel resources. And along with these advantages come costs, such as the energy and materials that must be allocated towards growth and maintenance, rather than reproduction. However, there are more subtle, but no less important, constraints on an organism’s ability to acquire resources, grow, metabolize, and reproduce that might also influence the evolution of cellular differentiation. (…)


Chase JM (2014) A Fool to Do Your Dirty Work? PLoS Biol 12(5): e1001859. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.1001859

Eli Levine‘s insight:

As an organism gets more complex, it seems that the cells become more simple, in and of themselves, and more interconnected to form the vibrant pattern of cells that form a multi-cellular organism.

Kind of like how, in a society where the division of labor took root, to eventually form the assembly line concept.  As society became more complex and diversified, it stands to reason that some larger, all guiding logic needs to pervade the social order, such that behavior is corrected according to thes social standards that are set within the given society (enter religion and/or government) to maintain the integrity of the overall whole that is the social organism.

Now, perhaps, it is time that all of these social superstructures: religion, government and business leaders, submit to the larger nature that is our natural world, such that we’re actually living in harmony with the constantly evolving and dynamic nature, rather than next to or “over” it.  Survival is the name of the game and adaptability with an accurate sensor of reality is how you win it (bearing in mind, that we’ve all lost against the race against time and will only leave memory imprints behind when we’re gone).  No sense in trying to achieve that which canont be achieved without killiing yourself and your population.

Think about it.

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