Why climb the greasy pole?

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“MOST academics would view a post at an elite university like Oxford or Harvard as the crowning achievement of a career—bringing both accolades and access to better wine cellars. But scholars covet such places for reasons beyond glory and gastronomy. They believe perching on one of the topmost branches of the academic tree will also improve the quality of their work, by bringing them together with other geniuses with whom they can collaborate and who may help spark new ideas. This sounds plausible. Unfortunately, as Albert-Laszlo Barabasi of Northeastern University, in Boston (and also, it must be said, of Harvard), shows in a study published in Scientific Reports, it is not true.”


Eli Levine‘s insight:


The “elites” are only elite because our society has named them as such.  if anything, it can be detrimental to reach an “elite” institution, because it may send you into a field of ego rather than substance.

As for myself, I just intend to do good work for other people and see where that takes me in life.  In all honesty, I’m not much of a people pleaser and am not highly motivated by the minor awards that people break themselves over to get (ie, the corner office or the preferred parking space, etc). 

Who knows how I’ll work with the world of “professionals” when and if I get there.

Think about it.

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