Hamburger-making machine churns out custom burgers at industrial speeds

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Momentum Machines is developing a hamburger-making machine that churns out made-to-order burgers at industrial speeds.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

There goes a lot of the jobs that were made in the recovery efforts, following the 2007-08 Financial Crash. Even top level investment and public sector jobs are likely to be taken over by machines in the coming decades and centuries, if nothing deviates from the present course that we’re on (bearing in mind, that the slightest changes in deviation in the present second will likely lead to monumental changes in the future.

McDonalds is already putting in kiosks to cashier at some of their restaurants in Europe. Don’t know how the economy will react to that loss of jobs and income, however little it may be for the individuals earning it. My guess would be that profits will rise, while economic growth and well being stagnates and declines for the sake of a few people’s profits.

But anyway, the universe is essentially an algorithmic thing that runs on math. The best possible solutions in any category will likely be the same throughout this universe, especially when we think of things in terms of higher level social functions within our species.

Welcome to the future of us, unless anything happens to change in the present along the way.

Think about it.

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