India opposition heads for landslide

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The opposition BJP’s predicted landslide win in the Indian election is a “people’s victory” that will “start a new era” the party’s president says.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

And thus it happens.

You neglect the people in favor of corporations and elite interests, you eventually get thrown out.  Doesn’t always matter what the other people are offering.  All that seems to matter to the public is that they’re well known and different from your own side.

If I were Congress, I’d so some serious soul searching.  It was the party that nationalized the banks of India, and yet, it’s become this money grubbing entity that favors the rich over its many millions of poor people.  A rising tide clearly does not raise all boats when there is no connection made between the growth that is realized and the compensation that workers receive.  That’s just a law of economics that bleeds into the people’s perception and willing to work with the present government.

Fortunately, the BJP might not govern effectively either on the national scale.  That would be Congress’s opportunity to come into power.  But bear in mind, that there are other alternatives to these two parties in India and, indeed, in any society that has an apparent knack for democracy at its rawest form.  A billion people is a hard thing to counter, regardless of how many troops you may have.

Think about it.

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