Swiss reject highest minimum wage

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Swiss voters have rejected a proposal to introduce what would be the highest minimum wage in the world in a referendum, near complete results indicate.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Well, I would say to this that perhaps it would be better for the cities who have the highest costs of living introduce a high minimum wage?

At least engage in some sort of profit sharing scheme, such that workers are being paid what they’re actually worth in the market.

I agree that there should be a baseline for what workers are paid that fluctuates with the wealth that is produced in the economy.  However, I also see where a minimum wage can destroy local businesses who do not produce the kind of revenue that large companies make.  I also agree that profit should be something that can increase, but not without having a certain proportion of that wealth kicked back down to the workers who produced it.

Complex economics requires complex policy to make it work effectively, such that we’re all benefiting.  Simply having a high minimum wage won’t necessarily help the smaller companies and it doesn’t take into account how productive the workers actually are at their respective companies.  Policy making requires nuance and factoring in everyone and everything into the equation.  I’m personally not happy that the otherwise sensible Left can be so silly when it comes to making policy decisions without having empirical evidence to back it up.

The world needs a Left wing bias, because the empirical function of the economy has a progressive bias.  Trouble is, the current representatives of the Left don’t seem to understand the nuances and complexity that has to go into making policy.

And that, my friends, is why I would support the introduction of computers and brain implants to make policy decisions over human beings.  They can process or enable us to process more information in faster amounts of time to give us more nuanced plans that actually will more than likely work better than what we’ve been able to come up with with our analog brains.

Down with politicos.  Up with the tech!

Think about it.

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