Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest

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Physicists have discovered how to create matter from light — a feat thought impossible when the idea was first theorized 80 years ago. In just one day over several cups of coffee in a tiny office, three physicists worked out a relatively simple way to physically prove a theory first devised by scientists Breit and Wheeler in 1934. Breit and Wheeler suggested that it should be possible to turn light into matter by smashing together only two particles of light (photons), to create an electron and a positron — the simplest method of turning light into matter ever predicted. The calculation was found to be theoretically sound, but Breit and Wheeler said that they never expected anybody to physically demonstrate their prediction.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Ok, so they haven’t actually done the experiment yet.

However, this could be a significant ending of one phase of our knowledge and understanding about our universe and the beginning of another; when the material universe learns how to make itself from energy from the conscious level.

Let’s see where this experiment goes.

Think about it.

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